Video Production

  1. Videos for the web

  2. Videos for training

  3. Community videos

  4. Advertising

  5. Promotional videos

  6. Wedding videos


  1. Audio books

  2. voice overs

  3. Audio guides

  4. Radio advertising

  5. Audio instructions


Media Services

“Whether the project is big or small I approach it with the upmost professionalism and see it through to the highest standards.”

Scott Dale, Media Expert


  1. Media projects in schools and colleges

  2. School and youth training

  3. One-to-one training: Sound engineering, Video Editing and Using a Camera

PA supply

  1. Large or small

  2. Microphones and PA for meetings and events

  3. Hearing aid loop


• Technical advice, equipment and support for a variety of audio-visual projects.


  1. Big screen presentations

  2. Exhibition stands and promotional items/merchandise

  3. Sound Engineering live bands and presentations

  4. Manned PA Systems

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